5 th International Furniture, Furniture Related Industry, Home Textile, Interior Decoration and Houseware Exhibition

The Sector of Furniture, Furniture Sub-Industry and Home Textile will get together for the 5th time in Libya

Mobtex will be held in Libya, a country drawing the most investment in the North Africa, for the fifth time between the dates of April 21-24.2014

Containing a wide product range from furnitures for home, office and garden to furniture accessories and from home textiles to furniture producing machines the exhibition will give opportuniy to address to a wide geography.
Last year Mobtex hosted 76 exhibitors and 5103 professional visitors.

It’s time to invest in Libya through Mobtex!
Libya is a member of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, the holder of Africa’s largest proven oil reserves, and important exporter of oil and natural gas. Libya is already Europe’s single largest oil supplier, the second largest oil producer in Africa and the continent’s fourth largest natural-gas supplier, and it already dominates the Southern Mediterranean’s petroleum sector. According to the Libyan National Oil Corporation, more than 50 international oil companies operate in the Libyan market
Together with its neighbouring countries – Niger, Chad, Sudan, Tunusia, Algeria and Egypt – Libya means a market having a population of 172,3 million

Libya is one of the important entrance doors of Africa because it is located in a transit area between Europe and Africa and it also offers duty free trade in a wide geography due to its membership of CEN-SAD, the Community of Sahel – Saharan States, which is accepted as the first step to the African union. Both Libya’s relatively short distance to Europe and quality and attraction of European products provide European furniture producers and suppliers European furniture producers and suppliers with advantages.